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Moving Penacook Library to the new Penacook Community Center?

Updated: Apr 23, 2022

excerpts from Concord Monitor article published 3/23/2022 by Josh Morrill

Earlier this month, Penacook residents met with at the Boys & Girls Club to discuss the replacement of the Penacook Community Center and hear from Team Engineering, the design team, and Frank Lemay of Milestone Construction as they presented information on the status of the new design.

The proposed plan includes a 7,500-square-foot, single-story facility that will be built at 76 Community Drive in Penacook. The largest portion of the building would be a 2,150 square-foot room, serving as a community space mainly for after-school programs, and would double as the Concord Public Library’s Penacook branch.

Concord Library Director Todd Fabian explained that the Penacook branch would move to this new location, and the design would emulate the Concord Heights Community Center location, where all the shelves and desks are modular. The library would be wheeled out for select days each week.

The plan also includes two 500-plus square foot rooms for toddler daycare, and a 950 square-foot room for preschooling. The rest of the building plan is filled out by a 693-square-foot “community center,” space for infant care, a kitchen, storage space, offices and 10 bathrooms.

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