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THANK YOU! Concord Reads 2024 Wraps Up with Author Event

Concord Reads is a citywide literary event encouraging community members to read and discuss the same book. In spring of 2024, hundreds of participants read Unlikely Animals by Annie Hartnett, a novel published in 2022 and based in New Hampshire. The photo is from our wonderful event with author Annie Hartnett & guest host Laura Knoy, one of 9 Concord Reads events in April and May! Concord Reads is sponsored by the Concord Public Library Foundation and produced in partnership with Concord Public Library. Click here for more information about Concord Reads.

NEW! Thanks to our friends at ConcordTV for filming the event! Here's the link if you'd like to watch.

person and child library_edited.jpg


The Concord (NH) Public Library Foundation is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit, separate and distinct from the Concord Public Library.

The Foundation, through its Board, friends and associates will:

  • Promote, champion and connect the library, through increased access to its resources for all community members.

  • Advocate for the evolving needs of the library and its patrons.

  • Raise and disburse funds to the Concord Public Library for library-related expenditures, programming, and special projects.

“Libraries always remind me there are good things in the world.”

Lauren Ward

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