Our Supporters

Thank you to our supporters!

Since 2002, the following individuals and families have generously made a donation to support the work of the Concord Public Library Foundation. An asterisk (*) indicates those who have made a donation for at least five consecutive years. We make every effort to make sure our list of supporters is complete, but mistakes can occur. Please let us know if you have made a donation and are not included in the list below.

Mr. Ronald Abramson and Ms. Christina Watson
Mrs. Irene Ackley *
Mr. James Adams and Ms. Barbara Jo Bockenhour
Dr. Thomas Akey and Mrs. Marian Akey *
Ms. Laura Althoff and Mr. Gyme Hardy *
Mr. G. Wells Anderson Esq
Mrs. Sharon Andrews and Mr. John Andrews *
Mr. William Ardinger and Mrs. Kass Ardinger *
Ms. Lory Attalla
Mrs. Joellen Aviza and Dr. Jonas Aviza *
Mr. Richard Axtman and Ms. Emily Gray Rice
Mrs. Deborah Ann Baker and Mr. Steven Baker
Ms. Cynthia Baldwin *
Ms. Alison Banks and Mr. Ian Wilson
Ms. Tracy Banks
Mr. Paul Barbadoro and Ms. Inez McDermott *
Dr. Mark Bardo and Mrs. Betsy Bardo *
Mr. Edward Barnwell
Mr. Bernard Basch and Ms. Judith McQueen
Ms. Patricia Bass *
Mr. Charles Bauer *
Mr. Peter Beeson and Ms. Laura Kiernan
Rev. Harold Beliveau and Mrs. Kathleen Beliveau *
Mr. and Mrs. Martin Bender
Mrs. Josie Bendiks and Mr. Brian Bendiks *
Dr. and Mrs. Douglas Benoit
Dr. Nancy Betchart and Dr. Frank Betchart *
Mr. Mark Bevis and Ms. Kelly Burke *
Ms. Lucinda Biese *
Mrs. Lisa Biklen and Mr. Thomas Biklen *
Dr. Douglas Black and Mrs. Elizabeth Black *
Mrs. Rebecca Bliss and Mr. David Bliss *
Mr. Roger Bloomfield and Mrs. Joanna Bloomfield *
Mrs. Margaret Blume and Dr. Peter Blume *
Ms. Jennifer Bofinger *
Mr. Joseph Bouchard and Mrs. Carol Ann Bouchard *
Ms. Candace Bouchard
Mr. Paul Bourgault and Mrs. Betty Bourgault *
Mrs. Gayle Braley and Mr. Philip Braley *
Ms. Sara Branch *
Ms. Jane Bredeson
Dr. and Mrs. Frederick Briccetti *
Mr. Ronald Briggs and Ms. Nancy Greenwood *
Mr. Denis Brissette and Mrs. Jeanne Brissette *
Mr. Len Brochu and Mrs. Leah Brochu *
Mrs. Clara Brogan *
Mrs. Carol Brooks and Dr. Roger Brooks
Mr. Frank Brown and Mrs. Lorraine Brown *
Mr. James Brown and Ms. Gloria Schraud *
Mr. Michael Bujold and Mrs. Nancy Bujold *
Mr. Thomas Bunnell and Ms. Deborah Schachter *
Mr. Peter Burger and Mrs. Ellen Burger
Mr. Herbert Burnham *
Mrs. Martha Burnham and Mr. David Burnham *
Mr. David Burns and Mrs. Heather Burns *
Mrs. Heather Burns and Mr. David Burns *
Dr. Ronald Calgaard and Mrs. Genie Calgaard *
Mrs. Tenley Callaghan and Mr. Peter Callaghan *
Mr. and Mrs. Peter Callender
Ms. Page Cannon *
Mr. Alan Cantor and Mrs. Patricia Cantor
Mr. Christopher Carley and Mrs. Deborah Carley *
Mrs. Kathy Carroll and Dr. Patrick Carroll
Ms. Carol Carstarphen
Mr. Christopher Carter and Ms. Mary Halpin Carter *
Ms. Phyllis Carter *
Dr. Patrick Cassell and Mrs. Lisa Cassell *
Mr. Neil Castaldo and Ms. Molly Ganger
Mrs. Rebecca Cawley and Mr. David Cawley *
Mrs. Andrea Chan *
Mr. and Mrs. Walter Chapin
Mr. William Chapman *
Ms. Celia Winkler Chase and Mr. Parker Chase *
Mr. C. Yardley Chittick *
Dr. Mark Ciocca and Mrs. Donna Ciocca *
Mrs. Judith Clancy and Mr. Terrence Clancy *
Ms. Elisabeth Clardy *
Ms. Faith Clark *
Rev. Charles Clark and Mrs. Priscilla Clark *
Mrs. Alisa Clary and Mr. Peter Clary
Mr. Clint Cogswell and Mrs. Jane Cogswell
Ms. Margaret Collins
Mrs. Lucy Comstock-Gay and Mr. Stuart Comstock-Gay *
Mrs. Julie Connolly and Mr. Michael Connolly *
Mr. Herbert Cooper and Mrs. Elizabeth Cooper
Ms. Janet Copestakes
Mr. Chris Cornog
Ms. June Cote
Mr. Robert Cotton and Mrs. Robyn Cotton
Dr. Peter Crow and Ms. Sarah McGraw Crow *
Dr. Robert Cummings and Mrs. Janna Cummings *
Mrs. Susanne Currie and Mr. Glenn Currie *
Mr. Stephen Curtin and Ms. Mary Wilke *
Mr. Edward Damon and Mrs. Claudia Damon *
Ms. Ann Dancy *
Mr. and Mrs. Marcel Daudelin
Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Davidson
Ms. Mary Deal *
Ms. Maria Del Rio
Mr. Chris Demers and Mrs. Paula Demers *
Ms. Elizabeth Densmore *
Dr. Thomas Detwiller and Mrs. Melissa Detwiller
Mr. David Dickey and Mrs. Elizabeth Dickey *
Dr. Gerard Dillon and Dr. Cathy Yi
Mr. Timothy Dining and Ms. Jenny Boesch
Mr. Francis Donovan *
Mr. Jack Donovan and Ms. Veronica Collins *
Ms. Nancee Donovan and Mr. R. Bruce Donovan *
Ms. Monique Dosogne *
Mr. and Mrs. Charles Douglas III
Mrs. Pamela Drypolcher and Mr. Gerard Drypolcher
Dr. Walter Dueger Jr. and Dr. Caroline Dueger *
Mr. Andrew Duncan and Ms. Laurel Horne *
Ms. Miriam Dunn
Mrs. Mary Lou Dunton and Dr. Robert Dunton *
Mrs. Renee Duval and Mr. Doug Duval
Mr. Edwin Dwyer *
Mrs. Ingeborg Eddy and Mr. Robert Eddy
Ms. Martha Eilers *
Mr. Andrew Eills and Mrs. Caitlin Eills *
Ms. Deb Eliasberg and Mr. Matthew Leahy *
Dr. Warren Emley and Mrs. Julia Emley *
Dr. B.J. Entwisle *
Mr. Joseph Ernst
Ms. Joan Farrel *
Mr. Mark Feigl and Ms. Mary Brunette *
Mrs. Justine Ferraro and Dr. Thomas Ferraro *
Mrs. Patricia Fesette and Mr. David Fesette *
Mr. Thomas Ficarra and Ms. Lorraine Olashaw *
Mr. Stephen Finch and Mrs. Ruth Finch *
Dr. Warren Fitzgerald and Mrs. Nicole Fitzgerald
Dr. Eliot Foley and Ms. Ashlyn Foley
Ms. Wendy Follansbee *
Mrs. Marian Forsberg *
Ms. Carol Foss *
Mr. Robert Frizzell *
Ms. Marion Frost
Mr. David Frydman and Ms. Jennifer Patterson
Dr. James Fuller and Mrs. Mary Fuller
Ms. Betsy Gammons *
Ms. Bessie Garos *
Mrs. Carolyn Gaudet and Mr. Dennis Gaudet
Mrs. Patricia Gerhan and Mr. Charles Gerhan Jr.*
Mrs. Nancy Gesen
Mrs. Eileen Gfroerer and Mr. Michael Gfroerer *
Mrs. Vanessa Ghiden and Mr. Reginald Ghiden *
Mrs. Linda Gilbert and Mr. John Gilbert *
Ms. Myrna Giroux *
Cary Gladstone and Teri Gladstone *
Mr. Bill Glahn and Mrs. Hansi Glahn *
Mr. Stephen R. Goldman and Mrs. Ann Goldman
Mrs. Ann Goldman and Mr. Stephen Goldman *
Mrs. Julie Goodwin and Mr. Eric Goodwin
Ms. Laurie Gordon *
Mr. James Grady and Mrs. Sandy Grady
Mr. Christopher Graham and Ms. Cheryl Bourassa *
Ms. Barbara Gray *
Ms. Irene Gray *
Mr. Jonathan Greenberg and Ms. Connie Rosemont *
Mr. Martin Gross *
Ms. Barbara Gross
Ms. Margaret Gross *
Mrs. Kathleen Guay *
Mr. John Gummere and Ms. Mary Reath *
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Gunnison
Mr. Dan Habib and Ms. Betsy McNamara *
Dr. and Mrs. Mark Hadley
Mr. Jamie Hage and Mrs. Susan Hage *
Mrs. Frederick Hall
Mrs. Laura Hall *
Ms. Kirby Hall
Dr. Christian Hallowell and Ms. Cynthia Morrison *
Mr. Eric Halter and Ms. Amy Sheridan *
Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence Hardy
Mr. Dale Harrington *
Mr. and Mrs. Chris Harth
Mr. Anthony Hartigan and Mrs. Cecie Hartigan *
Ms. Carolyn Hartnett *
Mrs. Brenda Hastings and Mr. Philip Hastings
Mr. Roger Hawk and Mrs. Elizabeth Corell
Mr. Scott Heitmiller and Mrs. Diane Heitmiller
Mr. and Mrs. Lloyd Helm
Mr. Steven Hengen and Ms. Elizabeth Durfee-Hengen *
Mrs. Becky Herrmann and Mr. Michael Herrmann
Mr. Robert Hickey and Ms. Jennifer Horner
Mr. Roland Hill Jr. and Mrs. Joyce Hill *
Mr. Gary Hirshberg and Mrs. Meg Hirshberg *
Mr. Chet Hoadley III and Mrs. Betty Hoadley *
Mr. Paul Hodes and Ms. Peggo Horstman-Hodes
Mrs. Roland Hok *
Ms. Carol Hovey and Mr. Timothy Wildman *
Mrs. Cynthia Hunt and Mr. James Hunt *
Mr. Jon Hutchinson and Mrs. Betty Hutchinson *
Mr. Arthur Jackson
Ms. Andrea Jalbert
Mr. and Mrs. Richard Jewell
Mr. and Mrs. William Johnson Jr.*
Mr. Chris Johnson and Ms. Megan DeVorsey *
Mr. Everett Johnson and Mrs. Lisa Johnson
Dr. Gary Jones and Ms. Mary-Sue Tuuri
Mr. and Mrs. Richard Jones *
Ms. Martha Jordan *
Ms. Brenda Joziatis
Dr. Mark Kegel and Dr. Patricia Kegel *
Miss Harriet Kelley *
Mr. Jonathan Kelly *
Mr. Frank Kenison and Mrs. Pamela Kenison *
Ms. Ann Kennard *
Ms. Lillian Kennedy and Ms. Ellen Johnson *
Mrs. James Kennedy *
Ms. Carolyn Kerr *
Dr. Robert Kiefner and Dr. Patricia Kiefner
Mr. Ron King and Mrs. Gerri King *
Mr. Robert Kirsch and Ms. Anne Renner
Mrs. Greg Kirsch
Mrs. Ellen Klein and Rabbi Richard Klein *
Mrs. Cyril Kotrady *
Mrs. Joann Ladds and Mr. Anthony Ladds *
Ms. Kathleen Laffey *
Dr. Robert Laflam Jr. and Mrs. Maureen Laflam *
Mr. Michael LaFontaine and Dr. Mildred LaFontaine *
Mr. Shawn LaFrance and Ms. Rebecca Farver *
Dr. Bryce Lambert *
Mr. Patrick A. Lang Esq.
Mrs. Marie Ann Lang and Mr. Patrick Lang *
Mrs. Ann Lanney and Mr. Robert Lanney *
Mrs. Sylvia Larsen and Mr. Robert Larsen *
Mrs. Rebecca Lavoie and Mr. Arthur Lavoie *
Ms. Rebecca Lawrence *
Mrs. Mary Susan Leahy and Mr. Charles Leahy
Mrs. Gloria Leberman and Mr. Peter Leberman
Mr. Michael Lehman and Ms. Jan McClure *
Ms. Susan Leidy *
Mr. Herbert Leisy *
Mr. Michael Lenehan and Mrs. Betty Lenehan *
Mr. Jim Leon and Mrs. Mary Ann Leon
Mr. Charles Lepore and Mrs. Natalie Lepore *
Dr. and Mrs. Carl Levick
Mr. Alan Linder and Mrs. Barbara Linder *
Mr. Alan Little and Mrs. Patricia Connors Little
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Livingston *
Mr. Lars-Erik Ljungholm and Mrs. Kellie Ljungholm *
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Lloyd
Ms. Maleeka Lloyd
Ms. Ann Louise Locke *
Mr. Robert Lovewell *
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Lucic *
Mr. Daniel Luker and Ms. Karen Slick
Dr. Michael Lynch and Ms. Lindley Shutz *
Ms. Eleanor Lyons *
Mr. and Mrs. Christopher MacLeod *
Mrs. Megan MacMullin and Mr. Thomas MacMullin *
Ms. Mary MacNeil *
Mrs. Joanne Magarian and Mr. Daniel Magarian *
Mr. Tom Maher and Ms. Pam Yonkin
Mrs. Linda Maloney and Mr. Denis Maloney *
Ms. Alice Maltais
Dr. Robert Marshall and Mrs. Martha Marshall *
Mrs. Nancy Marston and Mr. William Marston
Mrs. Missy Martinson and Mr. Patrick Martinson *
Mrs. Cathleen Martone and Mr. Charles Martone *
Mr. Chris Mathews and Mrs. Judy Mathews
Ms. Birgit Matzerath
Mr. David McCain and Mrs. Eleanor McCain *
Mr. and Mrs. John McCormick *
Ms. Mary McGowan *
Mr. Mark McIntire and Mrs. Joan McIntire *
Mr. Van McLeod and Ms. Joan Goshgarian *
Mrs. Cynthia McLeod and Mr. Thomas McLeod *
Mr. and Mrs. Ronald Meick *
Mr. John Merrill and Mrs. Meghan Merrill
Mr. and Mrs. James Merrow
Mr. Chris Miller and Mrs. Mary Miller *
Mrs. Anniemae Miller
Ms. Paula Miner *
Mrs. Nancy Mollica and Mr. John Mollica *
Mr. Victor Montana and Ms. Pat Vasbinder *
Dr. Douglas Moran and Ms. Marcia Hennelly Moran *
Mr. Charles Morgan and Ms. Lynne Morgan *
Mr. David Morin *
Mr. James Morris and Ms. Deborah DePeyster
Mrs. Nancy Morrison and Mr. William Morrison *
Mr. Robert Moses and Ms. Gena Cohen Moses *
Mr. and Mrs. Carl Moskey
Mr. Frank Muller and Dr. Kate Fox *
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Mulligan *
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Nardini *
Dr. Richard Nelson and Dr. Elizabeth Clardy *
Ms. Jeanne North *
Mr. William Norton and Mrs. Helen Norton *
Dr. John J. O'Connor and Mrs. Susan O'connor *
Mr. Steven O'Connor and Ms. Ellen Koenig *
Mr. James O'Keefe and Mrs. Nancy O'Keefe
Mr. Steven Olive and Mrs. Rebecca Olive
Dr. Theresa Oliveira
Ms. Evelyne O'Neill
Mr. John Orcutt and Mrs. Corinne Orcutt *
Dr. Raymond Orzechowski Jr. and Ms. Anne La Force *
Mr. Richard Osborne and Mrs. Jessie Osborne *
Mrs. Leslie Ossoff and Mr. David Ossoff
Mr. and Mrs Stuart Owen *
Mr. James Owers and Ms. Leslie Ludtke *
Mr. Steven Painchaud and Ms. Maria Manus Painchaud
Ms. Cynthia Panshin *
Mr. and Mrs. David Parker
Mr. Robert Pearson *
Mrs. Ruth Perencevich and Dr. Nick Perencevich *
Mrs. Susan Perry and Mr. David Perry
Ms. Mary Phillips *
Ms. Anne-Marie Pickering
Mr. David Pince and Mrs. Margaret Pince *
Ms. Edda Poggio *
Dr. Eric Pollak and Mrs. Jessica Pollak *
Mrs. John Porter *
Mrs. Wendy Powell and Mr. Brent Powell *
Mrs. Monique Pride and Mr. Mike Pride
Ms. Madeleine Pritchard
Dr. Munro Proctor
Mr. and Mrs. Brian Quirk
Mrs. Barbara Rafferty
Mr. John Ransmeier and Mrs. Judith Ransmeier *
Ms. Thoreau Raymond *
Ms. Katherine Reardon *
Mrs. Ann Rettew and Mr. Robert Rettew *
Mr. Michael Reynolds and Ms. Kathleen Conners *
Mr. Edward G. Rice *
Mr. Ron Richter and Dr. Luba Richter
Martin Ringo and Carol Ringo *
Mrs. Mary Beth Robinson and Mr. Win Robinson
Ms. Dorothy Robinson *
Mrs. Barbara Roche *
Ms. Marjorie Rolfe
Ms. Donna Roscoe *
Mr. Mark Rouvalis and Mrs. Cynthia Rouvalis *
Mrs. Irene Rudolph and Mr. Eugene Rudolph *
Mr. Gary Ruppert *
Mr. Stuart Russell Jr.*
Mr. Paul Rydel and Mrs. Sheila Rydel *
Mrs. Gloria Sabean
Dr. Anthony Sacco *
Jennifer Sacks
Mr. Richard Samuels and Mrs. Annie Samuels *
Dr. Peter Sands and Ms. Lisa Calgaard Sands *
Mr. Craig Savage CLU and Mrs. Lauren Savage *
Mrs. Monique Scharlotte and Mr. David Scharlotte
Ms. Stella Scheckter *
Mr. Marc Scheer and Mrs. Anne Scheer *
Dr. Mark Scheffer and Mrs. Susan Scheffer *
Mr. Matthew Schmitz and Ms. Melissa Hinebauch *
Mr. Byron Schutz
Mr. Peter Scott and Mrs. Claudia Scott *
Mr. Steven Scudder and Ms. Donna Palley *
Dr. Mark Scura and Ms. Maureen Redmond Scura *
Mr. and Mrs. James Sebold *
Mr. Lon Setnik and Mrs. Cynthia King
Mr. Albert Shamash *
Mrs. Virginia Sheehan and Mr. Michael Sheehan
Mr. Charles Sheridan Jr.*
Dr. Hoke Shirley and Mrs. Cheryl Shirley *
Mr. Stephen Shurtleff *
Mr. Robert Siff *
Ms. Juana M. Silva
Mr. and Mrs. Timothy Sink
Mr. Richard Skarinka and Mrs. Margaret Skarinka
Mrs. Rebecca Sky and Mr. David Sky *
Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey Smith
Mr. Mark Smith and Dr. Elizabeth Roche Smith *
Mrs. Rebecca Smith and Mr. Erik Smith *
Mrs. Mary Ellen Snow *
Mrs. Mary Beth Snyder
Dr. Gary Sobelson and Mrs. Carol Sobelson *
Mrs. Susan Sokul and Mr. John Sokul Jr.*
Dr. Robert Spencer and Mrs. Louise Spencer *
Ms. Freda Spiro *
Dr. Jane Spragg
Mrs. Lucy St. John and Mr. John St. John *
Mr. and Mrs. David Stack
Ms. Marian Stanton *
Ms. Eleanor Stark *
Mr. Donald Stearns
Ms. Brooke Stebbins
Ms. Thelma Stevens
Mrs. Jane Stieglitz
Dr. Russell Strong and Mrs. Natalia Strong
Dr. Mary Stuart-Gile and Mr. Robert Gile *
Mr. and Mrs. John Sullivan *
Mr. Christopher Sullivan and Mrs. Kristin Sullivan *
Ms. Lois Swan *
Mr. John Swope *
Mr. Whit Symmes and Ms. Marianne Jones *
Mr. Patrick Taylor and Ms. Julie Yerkes *
Mr. Rodney Tenney and Mrs. Roberta Tenney *
Mrs. Carolyn Thomson and Mr. Doug Thomson *
Ms. Hilary Thomson and Mr. Thomas Fredenburg
Ms. Jenny Timbas
Mrs. Lucia Timpone and Mr. Thomas Timpone
Mrs. Maggie Tipping and Mr. Stephen Tipping *
Mr. Carleton Titus *
Mr. John Tobin Jr. and Ms. Karen Ryan
Mr. and Mrs. Ugo Tosco *
Mr. Timothy Toutain
Mrs. Susanne Trice and Dr. James Trice
Mrs. Donna Urbanek and Dr. Paul Urbanek *
Mr. Wallace Vaine
Mr. James Van Dongen *
Ms. Autumn Van Sice and Dr. Scott Fabozzi *
Mr. Daniel Venecek and Ms. Linda Zollo *
Mr. William Veroneau and Rev. Priscilla Denham *
Mr. and Mrs. David Vicinanzo *
Dr. John Vignati and Mrs. Beth Vignati *
Ms. Amy Vorenberg
Ms. Martha Wagner *
Mrs. Ann Walls and Mr. Jerry Walls *
Dr. Jeanna Walsh and Mr. Kenneth Rosso Ii*
Ms. Darcy Walton *
Dr. Charles Ward Jr.*
Mr. and Mrs. K.C. Wasp
Mrs. Deborah Watrous and Mr. Richard Watrous *
Ms. Margaret Watrous *
Mr. William Watson Jr. and Mrs. Miriam Watson
Ms. Helene Watts
Mrs. Mary Weatherill and Mr. Chuck Weatherill *
Mrs. Gail Welch and Mr. Peter Welch *
Mrs. Nan Welch and Mr. Edward Welch Jr.
Ms. Madlyn Whipple *
Mr. Richard White and Mrs. Susan White *
Mr. Bert Whittemore *
Mr. Ronald Wilbur and Mrs. Donna Wilbur *
Ms. Pat Wilczynski and Mr. Robert Fried *
Dr. Jeff Wiley and Mrs. Kathleen Wiley *
Mr. Chris Williams and Ms. Lisa Burton
Mrs. Doris Williams and Dr. Robert Williams D.D.*
Mr. Charles Willing Jr and Mrs. Maura Willing *
Mr. and Mrs. George Wilson *
Mr. Steven Winnett and Ms. Laura Knoy *
Mr. Stephen Winship and Mrs. Lucy Winship *
Ms. Gail Wolek
Mrs. Lucy Woodman *
Ms. Debbie Wyman *
Mr. Jared Yeaton
Mr. Philip Yeaton and Mrs. Nancy Yeaton *
Dr. Oglesby Young and Mrs. Pamela Young *
Mrs. Alice Zachos and Mr. James Zachos *